Basic Echocardiography Training

Basic Echocardiography Training and Certification

Basic Transthoracic echocardiography is defined within the intensive care curriculum as desirable for one year trainees and mandatory for those undertaking the full two year programme.


The JFICMI shall recognise Basic Critical Care Echo (Basic CCE) at defined training sites based on their submission of BCCE training programme.

Certification at such sites shall support the ability of a candidate to progress to advanced CCE training and accreditation.

The JFICMI Basic Critical Care Echo (BCCE) revision 2020 document outlines the prerequisites for trainees, mentors and supervisors together with the expected knowledge and skills essential to accreditation at this level. The approved logbook is also attached.

JFICMI Basic Critical Care Echo

Echo Log Book

Completion of Basic CCE as defined above affords the trainee a route for application to higher professional training in echocardiography, such as the ESICM EDEC training programme. Whereas this would be desirable for any specialist embarking upon a career in intensive care medicine, it is not mandatory for completion of JFICMI approved training. However it is recommended for those seeking to attain a higher level of echocardiography training and accreditation.

JFICMI Recognised Pathways (alternative):

The JFICMI recognises the FOCUSED INTENSIVE CARE ECHOCARDIOGRAPHY (FICE) programme of the Intensive Care Society (ICS) and British Society of Echocardiography (BSE), and the echo committee of the JFICMI has published a list of Irish FICE mentors to assist candidates.

FICE Credentialing Pathway recognised by the JFICMI

A list of Irish FICE mentors

Echocardiography & Ultrasound Committee

Cardiac Echo and Critical Care Ultrasound Training Sructure

Other Training Opportunities:

Of note the Intensive Care Society UK (ICM) offers both FICE and Core Ultrasound in Intensive Care ( CUSIC). The JFICMI stipulates use of ultrasound for vascular localisation as a required competence, often achieved within primary specialty programme. FICE and CUSIC are becoming a unified programme (FUSIC).

Other excellent training opportunities exist such as Echo Guided Life Support (EGLS) and the JFICMI wishes to support these.

At times, the suite of echo and ultrasound courses available can be extensive and it can be difficult for the candidate to be certain of core training requirements vs excellent education and skill acquisition. The JFICMI would therefore refer you to the JFICMI Basic Critical Care Echocardiography (BCCE) 2020 document accessible on the JFICMI website.