Recognition for training abroad

The JFICMI encourages the opportunity for future specialists to gain some exposure to healthcare systems and training opportunities in intensive care medicine in other jurisdictions. As is the case for accredited training in Ireland, for this training to be recognised as a component of advanced training in intensive care medicine, such training must be undertaken in recognised programmes and centres. Where a trainee wishes to take up such a post, we would strongly advise that the trainee apply to the JFICMI Training Committee for prospective endorsement of that post as suitable for the level of training proposed. This application should include a detailed job description and a letter from the Supervisor of Training in the proposed post which identifies the post as either within their training programme or equivalent to their vocational training posts at that level, recognised for advanced training by their relevant intensive care medicine Faculty / College, should include the specific advanced goals of that post (eg. accredited echo training, research, other specific goals), and in-training assessment process similar to that of JFICMI. Once a post is endorsed, the actual recognition of that training is upon completion of that training period with satisfactory submission of in-training assessments.

In addition to the detailed job description outlined above, applicants are required to submit the following:

a) Evidence that the centre is recognised for postgraduate training in ICM by the College or Faculty in that country.
b) Effective systems of educational governance and leadership to manage and control the medical education and training. In particular, centres would need to demonstrate the presence of appropriately trained educators and supervisors of training, and their roles and responsibilities as they pertain to visiting doctors.
c) A clearly described education curriculum with expected learning outcomes, learning methods, strategies for trainee feedback and where appropriate, robust methods of assessment. This would ensure that the curriculum aligns with the expectations of an award
d) of CSCST in ICM in Ireland and provides objective and transparent assessment of trainee
e) Evidence that learners receive effective and appropriate educational and pastoral support to
achieve the learning outcomes required as part of the accredited programme.
f) Evidence that trainees will have annual and study leave arrangements comparable with those
in Irish training centres
g) Evidence that the clinical learning environment reflects a culture of good governance to
support the learner and that the capacity, facilities and resources of the environment
(including appropriate space with administrative and IT support) are sufficient to fulfil
learners’ educational and professional needs.

It is important to note, a CSCST is only awarded in Ireland for training in Ireland, as per the Irish Medical Council guidelines and recognition of programme. Recognised training abroad may support an application for entry on the Register of Medical Specialists in Intensive care Medicine, where the applicant has not completed CSCST in ICM in Ireland.

We are also happy to provide advice re such posts in advance of a formal application if that might be helpful.