Our Team

Board of the Joint Faculty of Intensive Care Medicine of Ireland

Dr Andrew Westbrook Elected Member Dean
Dr Jennifer Hastings Elected Member Vice Dean & Chair of JFICMI Credentials Committee
Dr Enda O’Connor Elected Member Chair of Training
Prof Gerard Curley Elected Member Chair of Education
Dr Donal Ryan Elected Member Chair of Exams
Dr Kevin Clarkson Elected Member Ordinary Board Member
Dr Catherine Nix Elected Member Hon Secretary
Dr Patrick Seigne Elected Member Hon Treasurer
Prof George Shorten Ex Officio President CAI
Dr Colman O’Loughlin Ex Officio ICSI President
Mr David Healy Ex Officio  RCSI Representative
Dr Eddie Moloney Ex Officio RCPI Representative
Dr Sinead McArdle Ex Officio EM Representative
Dr Michael Power Ex Officio NCCP
Mr Martin McCormack Ex Officio CEO CAI
Dr Brian Marsh Co-opted Immediate past Chair of Training
Dr Robbie Sparks Co-Opted JFICMI Trainee Representative
Dr Andrew Neill Co-opted Chair of JFICMI Website Developments
Dr Barbara Cusack Co-opted CAI CAT Rep
Dr Cathy McMahon Co-opted Paediatrics
Dr Dermot Doherty Co-opted NAS CCRS
Dr Peter Moran Co-opted JFICMI Echocardiography Committee Chair

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