ICM Grand Rounds

ICM Grand Rounds are weekly lectures delivered by Consultants in Intensive Care Medicine, by visiting experts and thought leaders in the field, and by mentored Intensive Care Medicine fellows.

ICM Grand Rounds are designed to facilitate up-to-date knowledge dissemination and discussion regarding clinical issues in Intensive Care Medicine. The format each week will consist of a 25 minute lecture followed with 5 minutes for questions/discussion, the second item will be a 10 minutes challenging case followed by 10 minutes presentation of evidence/guidelines pertaining to the case with discussion.

The events are recorded and will appear here in due course.


9th May 2024 – GBS in ICU


Hospital – St Vincent’s University Hospital

Presenters –  Dr Hugh O’Reilly, Dr Sean Croughan & Dr Eoin Young, Fellows in ICM

11th April 2024 – Motor Neurone Disease in ICU


Hospital – St James Hospital

Presenters – Dr Ciara Hayden, Fellow in ICM. Dr Enda O’Connor, Consultant in ICM

14th March 2024 – Pulmonary Hypertension in the ICU


Hospital – Mater Misericordiae University Hospital

Presenters – Dr Andy Neill, Consultant in Emergency Medicine and Intensive Care Medicine

25th January 2024 – postpartum autoimmune encephalitis

Hospital – St Vincent’s University Hospital

Presenters – Dr Laura Slattery, Advanced Clinical Fellow in ICM,

11th January 2024 – NORSE an overview


Hospital – Royal Victoria Hospital Belfast

Presenters – Dr Rob MacSweeney, Consultant Intensivist, Dr Emma Wilson, ST8 Anaesthetics and Intensive Care


7th December 2023 – Community Acquired Pneumonia



Hospital – St James Hospital

Presenters – Prof Ignacio Martin-Loeches


23rd November 2023 – Expanded Organ Donor Criteria

Hospital – Cork University Hospital

Presenters – Dr Annlin Bejoy Philip, Dr Brian O’Brien.


26th October 2023 – SGLT-2 in ICU

Hospital – Galway University Hospital

Presenter – Dr Bairbre McNicholas. Consultant Intensivist and Nephrologist.

12th October 2023 – Sodium Disorders in ICU

Hospital – Beaumont

Presenter – Professor Mark Sherlock. Consultant Endocrinologist.

28th September 2023 – Weaning in high spinal cord injury

Hospital – Mater Misericordiae University Hospital, Dublin

Presenter – Dr Mairead Hayes, Consultant Intensivist and Anaesthetist

14th September 2023 – Staph Aureus Bacteraemia

Hospital – University Hospital Limerick

Presenters – Dr Laura Kennedy, Dr Jane O’Sullivan

31st August 2023 – Cardiac Tamponade

Hospital – Tallaght University Hospital

Presenters – Dr Amr Mohammed, Consutlant in Anaesthesia and Intensive Care, Dr Sean Walsh, Fellow in Intensive Care Medicine



18th May 2023 – Management of patients with rib fractures in Intensive Care

Hospital – St Vincents University Hospital

Presenters – Dr Leeza Little, Advanced fellow in Intensive Care Medicine Dr Molly Featherstone, Intern in Intensive Care Medicine and Anaesthesia

4th May 2023 – The evolution of deceased organ donation in NI – a 15 year experience

Hospital – Royal Victoria Hospital, Belfast

Dr Dominic Trainor – Consultant in Intensive Care Medicine and Anaesthesia, Royal Victoria Hospital, Belfast

Dr Graham McCracken – Senior Registrar in Intensive Care Medicine and Anaesthesia, Royal Victoria Hospital, Belfast

6th April 2023 – Updates in cardiac arrest treatment

Hospital – St James Hospital

Presenters – Dr Sandra Chiaka Amasike, Intensive Care and Anaesthesia Registrar. Dr Gábor Zilahi, Consultant in Intensive Care Medicine and Anaesthesia

23rd Mar 2023 – Seizures in Intensive Care

Hospital – Beaumont Hospital

Presenter – Dr Caroline Larkin, Consultant in Anaesthesia and Intensive Care


Special Guest Lecture: Neuromonitoring for TBI

Prof Peter Hutchinson, University of Cambridge, UK

February 23rd – Access to care for the elderly person

Hospital: Mater Misericordiae University Hospital

Presenters: Dr Adina Nesa, Dr Brian Marsh

March 9th – Acute on Chronic Liver Faulure

Hospital: Beaumont

Presenters: Prof John Ryan, Dr Barry Singleton


October 13th – Management of moderate-severe TBI.

Hospital: Beaumont

Presenters: Prof Ger Curley, Dr Stephen Murphy

October 20th – Role of VA ECMO

Hospital: Mater

Presenters: Dr Aisling McMahon, Dr Kate O’Donnell

October 27th  – The role of strain imaging with echo

Hospital: Galway University Hospital

Presenters: Dr Peter Moran, Dr Rob Turner


November 3rd – Graft vs Host Disease

Hospital: St James

Presenters: Dr Enda O’Connor, Dr Dearbhla Kelly


November 10th – Graft vs Host Disease

Hospital: Cork University Hospital

Presenters: Dr John Mcnamara, Dr Sean Croughan


November 17th – Pelvic Trauma

Hospital: Tallaght University Hospital

Presenters: Dr Yvelynne Kelly, Dr Sarah Ryan

November 24th – Neuroprognostication after cardiac arrest

Hospital: St Vincents University Hospital

Presenters: Dr Donal Ryan, Dr Fiona Roberts

December 1st – ARDS

Hospital: Royal Victoria Hospital, Belfast

Presenters: Prof Danny McAuley, Dr Mairead Murnin

December 8th – APRV

Hospital: University Hospital Limerick

Presenters: Dr Sinead O’Brien Dr Areebah Hassan, Dr Catherine Nix