Welcome to the Joint Faculty of Intensive Care Medicine of Ireland website, the body with responsibility for Intensive Care Medicine (ICM) training and related practice standards in Ireland.  Since 2009, the Faculty has taken over the role of the Irish Board of Intensive Care Medicine and its Memorandum and Articles of Association is available for a more complete outline of its current role. While all are welcome to visit the Joint Faculty’s site, please be advised that its purpose is primarily to facilitate the training, examination and related accreditation activities for Intensive Care doctors and their institutions in Ireland.

The Joint Faculty supervises ICM Training and accredits Trainees and Training Institutions. We wish to invite all trainees of our constituent Training Bodies (CAI, RCPI, RCSI & EM) for whom Intensive Care is part of their training to the free use of the Joint Faculty’s Intensive Care logbook.

Registration and Membership (Consultants and Trainees)

The following subscription rates apply:

  • Consultants full rate – €180 per annum
  • Overseas consultants – €90 per annum
  • Trainees of  CAI, RCPI, RCSI (incl EM) who become a registered trainee of the JFICMI – Initial registration fee €100 then €50 per annum

The trainee rate changed in 2018 to an annual fee which applies for the duration of (supra specialty) training in Intensive Care Medicine (one or two years) and afterwards as a Fellow until such time as consultant grade is achieved.

Please use the JFICMI Registration Form for trainees.  When downloaded and completed and mailed to jficmi@coa.ie, your application will be reviewed with a view to registration with the Joint Faculty of Intensive Care Medicine of Ireland.  Successful registration entails full access to the JFICMI.ie website and other benefits which include:

  • Access to nominated JFICMI Supervisor of Training (SOT) and Trainers at your JFICMI-recognised training hospital – see ‘Training’ for list of hospitals
  • Access to training plan discussion at the beginning of your ICM training (minimum of two months) module
  • Prioritisation of agreed, planned training competency achievement(s) at the outset of above training module(s)
  • Review (and sign-off) with SOT and Trainers of your training progress at end of term using the Joint Faculty’s on-line logbook / competency record.
  • Advisory and training support in preparation for the JFICMI’s Fellowship examination.
  • Priority access to the JFICMI’s obligatory educational events e.g. BASIC, IDAP and Critical Care basic echocardiography courses.
  • One free JFICMI refresher course
  • 10% reduction on educational meeting fees
  • Free access to the JFICMI’s repository of online resources at JFICMI.ie
  • Access to the Joint Faculty’s Training Committee via your SOT or your Trainee representative.
  • The right to vote (and stand for election) for the ICM Trainees’ representative position on the JFICMI Board.


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Wednesday, 26 February, 2020

Irish Donor Awareness Programme (IDAP) 2021

The Joint Faculty of Intensive Care Medicine of Ireland is running a one-day course on the Management of Brain Death & Organ Donation. The aim of this course is to help clinicians remain optimally skilled

Tuesday, 23 February, 2021

Critical Care Capacity expansion and COVID 19

The critical care representative organisations (ICSI/JFICMI/CCP/CAI/AAGBI and IACCN) have been  highlighting with Government the dearth of critical care bed capacity in Ireland – 6/100,000 population versus the European average of 11.5/100,000  plus the corresponding shortage

Tuesday, 23 February, 2021

What is the JFICMI?

Watch this recently recorded interview with our Dean, John Bates, Consultant in Intensive Care and Anaesthesia in Galway University Hospital.

Sunday, 21 February, 2021

Honorary Fellowship

Dr Ross Freebairn of Hawke’s bay, New Zealand is an international leader in ICM education and is a past president of the CICM (ANZ). He has visited Ireland on many occasions, spoken at meetings, conducted