Refund Policy

The Joint Faculty of Intensive Care Medicine in Ireland are anxious that all of its fellows be completely satisfied with the services offered within the website. Refunds will not apply in the case of fixed annual charges; examples include annual registration, PCS and logbook fees.

Refunds will be subject to the deduction of the appropriate administrative fee and may be offered in the following circumstances.

1. Courses

Should you, our client be unhappy with your choice of course we would be pleased to offer a 100% refund if your correspondence is received within 7 days of payment, we would ask that you write Joint Faculty at 22 Merrion Square stating:

  • Why you have cancelled your course registration.
  • The reasons you should be entitled to a refund, please note the
  • JFICMI cannot be accountable for rosters, holidays or travel arrangements and that these reasons do not constitute a validreason for a refund.

2. Examinations

Occasionally candidates may need to postpone examinations and request a refund of monies paid. We would ask that you write the Joint Faculty at 22 Merrion Square stating:

  • Why you have cancelled your course registration.
  • The reasons you should be entitled to a refund.

    Valid reasons for cancellation include:

  • Illness
    A 100% refund will be offered in the case of an illness, which is clearly likely to compromise the candidate’s ability to sit for an examination. The candidate should provide appropriate medical certificates stating the exact nature of the illness; it’s onset and likely duration.
  • Pregnancy
    Any prospective candidate should notify the Examinations Department as soon as possible of the fact of their pregnancy and the expected date of confinement.

A prospective candidate must advise the College:

  • Of any pregnancy related problems or illnesses.
  • If confinement is due before or around the date of the examination.
  • If the condition causes significant discomfort for her to consider that it will have a detrimental effect upon her examination performance.

In such circumstances, should such a candidate be unable to sit the examination, withdrawal will be permitted and the examination fee will be refunded.
A candidate should provide appropriate medical certificates.

Where you believe that a refund is justified and is outside of the reasons listed above, you may choose to write to the JFICMI explaining your extraordinary circumstances. A subcommittee of the JFICMI will review appeals and decisions will be communicated within 5 working days of receipt of your written correspondence, decisions at this stage are deemed final. The JFICMI aims to have refunds completed within 5 working days of the receipt of communication.