Training (and Examination):

Wednesday, 25 October, 2017

Dr Marsh, as Chair of Training, had a meeting with the JFICMI Supervisors of Training(SOTs) which was successful and many aspects of training now clarified.  There is a reasonable awareness of the new 2-part exam structure and the specific regulations will be written by the Chair of the Examination, Dr Andrew Westbrook in conjunction with website personnel and published shortly. There is also increasing awareness of the facilities and advantages of the new website logbook format among trainees and SOTs.

It was agreed that the JFICMI SOTs would conduct the end-of-module assessments for  the post-CST (post FJFICMI) trainees, the Special Interest Year (SIY) trainees (including those doing 6-mths modules in one institution) and for the 2-mth modular trainees in Intensive Care. The JFICMI Training sub-committee will collate the assessments.

Noted also that the CAI Training Committee is conducting a review of the Intensive Care component of its overall training and any potential for interaction will be addressed once outcome known. JFICMI plans this year to conduct interviews for SIY candidates (when the post CST interviews are being held) and will liaise with the CAI Training committee in this respect.