JFICMI Autumn Update 2019

Sunday, 29 September, 2019

 Important reminders:

  • a.  Specialist Register – incentive to join
  • b.  Subscription fee amnesty
  1. Specialist Register for Intensive Care Medicine (ICM)


While it is not a requirement to be on the new (ICM)  section of the specialist register to practise Intensive Care Medicine in Ireland, the Faculty is encouraging all eligible doctors to register.  Consultants with ICM practice and those doctors who have recently completed JFICMI training in Ireland are strongly encouraged to apply.  This will help to regularise the current situation with regard to Intensive care Medicine in Ireland.


You may apply at  https://www.medicalcouncil.ie/Contact-Details/Registration-Contact/.  Select “Request Application Pack” from the dropdown menu and indicate in the free text area that you require the Intensive Care Medicine Application pack.  The fee is normally €4037.00 but to encourage the above, there is a reduced fee for one year for Fellows of the JFICMI (in good standing), as the JFICMI is foregoing any fee for this work. The reduced fee of €490 pertains until 30April2020.


The annual retention fee is fixed at €605 per practitioner i.e. you do not have to pay twice for inclusion on two sections of the specialist register.  Holders of the FJFICMI who do not wish to apply for specialist registration in ICM may retain their base specialty registration and apply to have their additional qualification (FJFICMI) registered.


  1. Annual subscriptions 2019 and Amnesty

In line with the new phase in the development of ICM in Ireland (opening of the ICM specialist register and formal commencement of the JFICMI training programme), the Joint Faculty is offering a subscription amnesty which is intended to encourage Intensive Care doctors to  join (or maintain membership of) the JFICMI.   The Joint Faculty is the Training, Examination and will soon be the PCS body for Intensive Care Medicine in Ireland  and in conjunction with the ICSI and its parent colleges, it is actively working on behalf of Intensive Care Consultants, Trainees and Training hospitals in Ireland.  Now is an excellent time to take part in its activities.


Detail of subscription amnesty:

  1. Those members who are in current good standing (subscriptions paid up to and including 2018) are being offered free membership for the year 2019. The fee is Eur180/year for consultants and Eur50/year for trainees.
  2. All others members incl. previous members are invited to start paying from 2019 and to avail of the amnesty for the non-payments of earlier years.Invoices are being sent out on October  7th 2019.


JFICMI Fellowship Ad Eundem

Doctors who have attained comparable competence in ICM with a doctor holding the FJFICMI  (by examination and specified training) are eligible to apply for Ad Eundem fellowship.  See website for updated eligibility criteria [create link].


Updated national standards for Intensive Care Units

These have been finalised in conjunction with the ICSI and taking advice from other associated professional bodies and are now Board-approved and available on the website (https://jficmi.anaesthesia.ie/wp-content/uploads/2019/09/National-Standards-for-Adult-Critical-Services-2019.pdf).




Training:  Ongoing matters being addressed are

– Meeting with National Doctors Training Programme (NDTP), in conjunction with CAI, RCPI and EM, to address consultant manpower deficit and secure an ongoing funding mechanism for postgraduate training posts in Intensive Care Medicine.

– Liaison with CAI Training Committee continues.  Mechanisms are being discussed which might recognise appropriate, supervised ICM training achieved during base specialty training

–  Accreditation Visitations programme continues – this is done in conjunction with CAI visitations where possible.

– The Faculty’s Supervisors of Training are completing the competency assessments on the website facility.

– Trainees are encouraged to interact with the Training Committee either individually, via their SOTs or via the two Trainee representatives on the Board.


Education:      The pre-exam course, the IDAP, the echocardiography and refresher course continue. Dr Donal Ryan is requesting input on a re-vitalisation of the Refresher Course, please.


Echocardiography:    Dr Catherine Nix presented a submission to the Board on developing and standardising ongoing Echocardiography education and training opportunities in Ireland.  It included a proposal to incorporate a Point of Care Ultrasound  (PoCUS) and Focussed UltraSound for Intensive Care (FUSIC) Interim Credentialing Pathway into Critical Care training.  Discussion will continue with the JFICMI Training Committee (Chair Dr Brian Marsh) regarding the optimum manner to marry such developments with the JFICMI / Cobatrice requirement for basic critical care echocardiography competence.


Exams:           The JFICMI is facilitating the holding EDIC Part 2 in Dublin on October 24th.  Examiners who may be available to help are requested to contact  Dr Andrew Westbrook, Chair of Exams.


Credentials:  Work on Ad Eundem applications and in assessing Specialty applications as referred by the Medical Council is continuing.



The transition of the JFICMI site to the CAI  mainframe is largely complete.  The transfer of the Training logbooks and competency assessment facility has  worked and other adjustments are ongoing. The new arrangement is facilitating better invoice management being organised by Dr Alan Gaffney, Treasurer and new, improved website features including possible emailed updates are planned.


Paediatrics  The new standards document for Paediatric ICUs is finalised and available on the website (https://jficmi.anaesthesia.ie/standards-documents/wp-content-uploads-2019-02-national-standards-for-paediatric-critcal-care-2018-07-02-2019-pdf/)