Exams Update 2021

Sunday, 21 February, 2021

The written FJFCIMI exam will take place 15th April 2021.  Dr Westbrook reported that the pre-exam course for 2021 will take place on March 10, 11 and 12th.  As a result of current pandemic restrictions, the format is likely to be video-conferenced and bedside teaching will again be devolved to local supervisors of training (SOTs).  

The Angoff process, which has been used to set the standard for the MCQ exam for the last 3 years is being extended to set the standard for the Short Answer Question (SAQ) exam also.  The Angoff score for each question is reached by the following means:  each Angoff examiner (about 8 experienced examiners in total) assigns a score to each question. The examiner considers what the likelihood is of a minimally competent candidate getting the correct answer. S/he then assigns that likelihood as a score for that question – the higher the score, the easier the question. The average score for all examiners is calculated per question and then the average score for the whole exam is worked out and this is the passmark. The Angoff process occurs before the exam takes place and each examiner is blinded to other examiners.  

For the 2nd part of the exam (the clinic / Viva), the Viva time is being increased from 20 to 30mins (15mins per examiner).  This is fairer and is in line with the relative importance (in marking terms) allocated to these sections.  

There is a provisional plan being developed to structure the clinical exam in an EDIC 2 style, if the clinical format is not possible.