Exam Report

Wednesday, 28 June, 2017

Eight of the ten candidates passed the exam.  Post exam counselling was provided for the unsuccessful candidates.  Our congratulations to the successful candidates:  Drs Immanuel Hennessy, John Fitzgerald, Aoife Quinn, Michelle O’Mahony, Laura Flood, Bill Walsh, Bairbre McNicholas and Aoife Lavelle.

Exam course feedback and Training subgroup:  The feedback was useful and the Chair of the Examination: Andrew Westbrook plans tabling the feedback at the planned examiners’ workshop in the Autumn – with a view to updating the website ‘Guide to the Fellowship clinical examination’, if necessary. There is also a provisional plan to do this workshop in conjunction with the new Training subgroup which will incorporate all of the Supervisors of Training nationally under the Chairmanship of Brian Marsh

Splitting of the exam:     Further to a matter raised by the Trainee representative, there was general agreement that the written and clinical components of the current exam will be split so that there will be two exams – a written and a clinical. Regulations will be drawn up by the E and T committee.  There was general agreement that there should be some limited ability for a candidate to ‘carry’ success at the first exam if he / she happened to be unsuccessful at their first attempt of the second part.