Board matters

Wednesday, 21 March, 2018

Newly elected members: The board was pleased to welcome Drs Alan Gaffney and Jennifer Hastings and to wish them well in their time on the Board. Some terms of office are completed – Dr Maria Donnelly has done two terms as Treasurer and she was thanked for her dedication and work. The position of Treasurer is therefore now becoming vacant and there was a call for expressions of interest.

Website changes:  It is anticipated that the new Treasurer’s role will be facilitated by a current project of the website group which is updating the Faculty website such that the categories of membership will be more clearly defined and the invoicing system correspondingly upgraded. One consequence will a better definition of the category of ‘JFICMI trainees’.  This will entail a charge of 50Eur per year while a trainee – a charge which will not change up to the time of appointment to a substantive consultant position.

Medical Council:The re-submission for recognition of the JFICMI’s Training Programme has been the subject of considerable work by members of the Joint Faculty and others and the revised submission is under consideration by the Medical Council. Given the work and expectations (of trainers and trainees) involved, it is fervently hoped that this Medical Council will be in a position to grant recognition before its term ends on the 31st May.