Applications are invited for Training Posts for the National Training Programme in Intensive Care Medicine

Wednesday, 13 July, 2022

Clinical Fellowship (Year One) in Intensive Care Medicine &

Advanced Clinical Fellow (Year Two) Post CSCST posts in Intensive Care Medicine

 Posts commencing July 2023

Advanced Clinical Fellowship (Year 2 ICM Training) applicants must:

  1. Have achieved CSCST or entry onto the Medical Council Specialist Register in base specialty by commencement of post
  2. Have completed one year of JFICMI accredited intensive care medicine training and attempted the FJFICMI examination.


Clinical Fellowship (Year One) in Intensive Care Medicine applicants must:

  1. Have completed CSCST in base specialty


  1. Be eligible for a recognised year out of programme from base specialty (RCPI/RCSI/EM).

To apply please send CV & Cover Letter to

Applications must clearly state the level of post

Shortlisted applicants will be asked to provide a reference letter from most recent head of department

Further details available from

See also information re Higher Specialist Training in Intensive Care Medicine here


The Intensive Care Medicine Training programme is a national training programme. Applicants completing the two year specialist intensive care medicine training programme will spend a minimum of six months outside the Dublin region. The full list of JFICMI training hospitals can be found  here.

There are between 11 – 15 vacancies for July 2023.

Applications close at 5PM on Wednesday 24th August.